Castle 3.18 "One Life To Lose" Review

I am not sure if you guys are aware of this, but I am not American. Therefore, I have never watched an American soap opera in my life. I have watched, however, the telenovelas that Esposito mentioned and that little tidbit he told Castle about is exactly how the plots usually were when I watched them as a kid. So, even though I am not entirely familiar with American soap operas, I could definitely appreciate all the jokes about it because, well, I have probably seen even more outlandish storylines.

That said, I have to say that "One Life To Lose" was a true gem in this third season. It reminded me a little of "Nikki Heat" in the sense that it was just as funny. We didn’t have a whole lot of character development – unless you count that sweet moment between Castle and Beckett that Motorcycle Boy interrupted (again!) – but it was just such a fun episode to watch that that hardly mattered to me. Read More...


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