'The Good Wife': Racial cleansing, Kalinda's bombshell and Lemond Bishop


"The Good Wife" sure knows how to return from hiatus, does it not? Lemond Bishop is back, Blake is (still) up to no good, Eli is racially cleansing the campaign and - oh, Kalinda.Case of the Week Derrick and his people are clearing out, so the firm is scrambling to keep Lemond Bishop's business. He wants their help in his divorce - his wife Katrina is leaving him because he cheated and she wants money. Unfortunately, Bishop's legitimate businesses are tanking, so there is only his drug money to go after. They enter into mediation (led by none other than actor Bill Irwin, who will always be Kirby from "My Blue Heaven" to us). In mediation, an FBI agent says the drug money takes in $80 million a year. Bishop's "bookkeeper" Dexter Roja says the FBI may see $80 million coming in, but that's not how much they actually make, after payoffs, product loss, etc....



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