The Good Wife 2.17 "Ham Sandwich" Review

Not being mathematically savvy, I have no idea how to compute what happened in "Ham Sandwich" in relation to the supposed mathematical theorem of the same name. Perhaps some astute viewer who does not suffer the same challenges as I will jump in and lay it out for me. In the meantime, I'll share some less than genius level thoughts with you about the show as I saw it.

The big reveal at the end was not a surprise to me at all. There were several instances when I knew Kalinda and Peter shared a past. One was when she visited him in prison. Their mannerisms, their semi avoidance of eye contact, their appearance of total professionalism in spite of having worked together all lead me to believe they had shared a bed. I guess this was big news for some viewers, but I wouldn't let it worry you. Read More...


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