'The Game' 4.11 'Death Becomes Her' Recap and Review

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse on The Game, they somehow find a way to get even messier. It's time to raise the stakes now that the season finale is just a week away! Unfortunately, the stakes don't raise quite as much as you'd expect.

Tasha is at The Vault intending on getting drunk, since between last week's drama with her son and the return of ex-boyfriend Dante, she has plenty of stress that needs to be drowned in booze. I immediately think that this can't go well, and I'm right: she gets picked up by a new beau, who tells her that he's dying - as they're speeding away to avoid the cops after running half-naked through the streets. We find out that he has cancer, which he sees as a blessing because it allows him to enjoy life instead of worrying over it. He asks her what she would do in his position and she admits that she's not even thought about it. Read More...



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