'House' Has An Epic 'Fall From Grace,' Marries For Green Card

This week, House torments Cuddy but can’t get a rise out of her, diagnoses a young, homeless man with an allergy to vegetables, and marries a multi-tasking alien so she can get a green card. Hey kids! You really CAN be allergic to vegetables!

In the state park, two precocious boys launch a model rocket. When the parts fall from the sky aflame, they discover a young, luxuriously bearded, homeless man (Chris Marquette) has had his arm set on fire. Someone’s getting grounded for this!

House arrives at his team’s meeting on a Segway, accompanied by a gorgeous brunette. He is unimpressed with the homeless man’s case, until told about the man’s messed up odor senses; burnt flesh smells like licorice, and antiseptics, like blueberry muffins. Intrigued, House begins a preliminary diagnosis, and introduces his companion as Dominika (Karolina Wydra,) whom he will be marrying on Friday.  

Of course, our young patient has given a false name – Ferris Bueller – because ‘everyone lies.’ When Masters and Foreman attempt to get more information, ‘Ferris’ refuses to give his real name, saying that he’s not paying for the hospital stay or tests. In hospital clothes, long scars and burn marks are visible, and the patient says the wounds were inflicted by his father. Read More...



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