'Justified' 2.07 'Save My Love' Advance Review

I love this picture, because something tells me that Raylan Givens has this expression on his face a lot. With episodes like tomorrow's all-new Justified, I certainly don't blame him.

This week's Justified picks up the B-story from last week: Winona's screwed up and now it's up to Raylan to get her out of trouble. Things were not as okay as they seemed at the end of last Wednesday - to say anything more would be a major spoiler - and so it's up to my favorite U.S. Marshal to save the day again, under escalating circumstances. The episode does a great job of keeping tension throughout, even though most of what you've seen in the previews doesn't take up as much of the time as you might think. I can't call it one of my favorite episodes, though, and here's why: your enjoyment of it will depend on A) how much you care about Winona and B) how much you can suspend your disbelief. As someone who is not a Winona fan, and someone who is constantly aware of everything that factors into what we see on screen, it was easy for me to figure most of this episode out early on and I wasn't thrilled with some of it. The episode itself isn't necessarily hugely flawed; it's just one of those installments where your personal opinions and knowledge will affect how you see it more than most. Read More...



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