LIGHTS OUT “Rainmaker” Review

LIGHTS OUT "Rainmaker" Season 1 Episode 11 – Jerry the Rainmaker is a boxer suffering with boxer’s dementia. Margaret cleverly forces an encounter between the Rainmaker and Lights for two reasons: so Lights can help Jerry out, and so Lights can be reminded of how boxer’s dementia causes the mind to deteriorate to the point where Jerry has to write everything down on a notepad (the string tying the notepad to his trousers was a nice touch).

I actually liked the opening fourth of July scene. For a show which places a lot of emphasis on the importance of family, the family rarely spends time with each other. Even something as trivial as the bemusement of Ava’s confusion between lawyer and barrister was about ten times more effective than Lights’ stale mantra "I’m doing this for my family". Read More...


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