NCIS “Out of the Frying Pan” Review

NCIS "Out of the Frying Pan" Season 8 Episode 18 – This was probably, hands down, one of the most unique episodes of NCIS that I’ve seen yet. Vance does a favor for a friend and volunteers Team Gibbs to help with a case that Metro PD was unable to convict.

What happened after that was so different than what we normally see on this show that I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. First up, Vance putting Gibbs on the case because he was one of the best interrogators was fantastic. I’d always wondered if Gibbs was as good as I thought he was. I mean sure we see him getting those confessions and certainly his team gives him credit for being a damn good interrogator, but to hear it from Vance and to know that others feel that way, too – it made me feel like everything I’ve thought about Gibbs was right all along. Read More...


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