The Event: "A Message Back" Review

Sean Walker is mad as hell and he isn't taking it anymore in this week's The Event. Hey, you would be too if you were on this show. 

But seriously, things picked up a bit in this latest episode, as the implausibility factor was ratcheted down and some familiar characters actually seemed to give us a reason to watch them for a change. 

Sean, as noted, is throwing his newfound anger and desperation around like a madman, pistol-whipping mofos with the best of them, threatening innocent women and children and putting a gun to the vice-president's face too… just because he can. It's nice to see him proactive rather than reactive for a change, which seems to be the new credo of the show, but even more surprising is "A Message Back"'s ability to actually make the Vicky Roberts character semi-interesting.  Read More...


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