House: "Fall From Grace" Review

This week's episode was split into two very different stories. The patient-of-the-week arc was shrouded in secrets and mystery - not only because of the man's puzzling symptoms, but also his pathological lying and a reluctance to share his identity. Dr. House's arc, on the other hand, was the exact opposite. His provided an over-the-top assault on Cuddy's guilt for dumping him, taunting her with a monster truck, mini-helicopters and a sham wedding to a Russian mail order bride to prove his point.

As much as I enjoyed parts of this episode (the gradual uncovering of the patient's lies), I feel we were cheated out of a suspenseful confrontation that could've elevated this episode above a simple diagnosis-of-the-week story and into Sherlock Holmes territory. Instead, House was too busy getting foot massages and let one slip through his fingers. What's interesting is that a few weeks ago, he drunkenly confessed to Cuddy that he'd accept being a worse doctor if it meant he could be with her. Now, he's 0 for 2.  Read More...


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