Recap All My Children: Tue, November 23, 2010

Alicia Minshew"All My Children" SetThe Andrita StudiosABC StudiosLos Angeles10/27/10©Paul Skipper/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 10512U.S.Airdate 12/3/10

At the courthouse everyone reacts to David's presence. OMG, he's alive! Immediately the judge orders David to take the stand, where he apologizes to Greenlee. He loves her; it was supposed to be Ryan sentenced to life behind bars, not her! That is why he's here today; he would rather lose his freedom than watch Greenlee lose hers. Ryan tries to shame David, telling him how much Greenlee suffered and Zach is dead thanks to David's shenanigans, but David refuses to be bullied into an apology. All he is guilty of is loving his wife. Why couldn't Ryan stay away from Greenlee? He is not the one who saved her life; David did! David goes into a flashback where he sees Greenlee in the park with Ryan. That is when he decided that if he couldn't have Greenlee, then Ryan couldn't have her either. As David talks, Jesse, Ryan and Jake take pot shots at him. Under Jackson's interrogation, David explains he found an herb that slows the heart rate to undetectable rates. We see in flashback how David planned and plotted. But his testimony is cut short by Marissa's arrival. It seems Krystal went to the restaurant to tell her daughter that her father is alive. Marissa strides up to David and slaps him. How could he?! Marissa rips into him as David actually looks sorry. He knows how much Marissa and AJ grieved; he was at the funeral and skulked around town wearing a gray hoodie. Marissa tells David that he was dead to her; he should stay that way. As she storms out, David rips into everyone. He saw them toasting to his death; they are all a bunch of hypocrites! The judge reminds David to stick to the facts so David continues his story. We see through hazy flashbacks how David blackmailed the coroner to fake his death; how David watched Greenlee grieve and fall back in love with Ryan; and how upset he was when he realized his plan to frame Ryan backfired. Read More...


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