Recap All My Children: Wed, November 24, 2010

Liza Colby: David was Liza's one and only friend in town, so you'd think she'd be innocent. But she's Liza and she's sketchy, so we're counting her.

Kendall stares daggers at Greenlee as Greenlee asks if Kendall is all right. What a silly question; of course she's not! Wracked with guilty Greenlee begs Kendall to blame her for Zach's death but Kendall struggles with the words. It's clear Kendall is totally angry with Greenlee, but can't say it to Greenlee's face. Greenlee refuses to leave Kendall alone, saying she and Ryan are there for her. At Kendall's request Greenlee tells Kendall some of the circumstances around Zach's death. Kendall realizes that Greenlee and Ryan are back together and orders Greenlee not to touch her. Bianca, Jackson and Ryan arrive. Kendall orders them to leave; she doesn't want their help. Can they bring Zach back? No, so leave! Besides looking at Greenlee and Ryan reminds her of what she lost with Zach. Greenlee and Ryan respect Kendall's wishes and exit. Bianca and Jackson are reluctant to go, but eventually they leave as well. Read More...


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