Recap All My Children: Mon, November 29, 2010

Susan Lucci"All My Children" SetThe Andrita StudiosABC StudiosLos Angeles10/5/10┬ęPaul Skipper/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 10494U.S.Airdate 11/5/10

Casa Slater is bustling with activity as Ryan chases the kids around and Kendall calls out to Zach. Come in! Everyone is waiting for him! Is this a dream? You bet! Bianca arrives and finds Kendall sitting morosely in the chilly living room. Kendall admits that she thinks Spike knows something is wrong; he keeps asking for Daddy Zach. Kendall announces that she will let Spike have his big Thanksgiving pageant moment and then tell him that Zach is dead. Kendall breaks down getting the video camera, saying Zach is the one who always keeps it charged. Bianca hugs her sister as the boys run in with the nanny. Luckily Bianca distracts the boys and volunteers to take them to the pageant, thus giving Kendall a chance to pull herself together. 

At ConFusion Erica snaps at some workers. Jackson urges her to take a chill pill, but Erica vents that the kids will have to perform their pageant at a bar (a swanky bar, but a bar nonetheless) because the power has been cut in their school. She is completely on edge thanks to David.  Read More...


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