Brotherhood Recap: Season 1, Episode 6

When Declan and Ralph mistakenly shoot an undercover federal agent, Michael steps forth to help them get rid of the body. Though Declan and Ralph get away clean, their partnership is now contaminated. Tommy's embarrassed that he had to borrow money from his in-laws and sets out to pay them back. Using his political pull with the zoning board, Tommy lands himself a hefty real-estate commission. Eileen's drug and alcohol abuse gets out of hand and causes her to abandon the family cat out in the woods. Guilt-stricken, she returns to retrieve the cat and is arrested for erratic behavior. Forced to bail her out, Tommy can no longer deny the problems in his marriage. Mary Rose finds a joint in Eileen's pocket and can't resist trying it. When her uncle Michael catches her, her fascination with him only intensifies. She ends up working in his liquor store after school.


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