Brotherhood Recap: Season 1, Episode 7

When the owner of Tommy and Michael's childhood movie theatre ends up in debt to Michael, Michael convinces Tommy to help save the theater from the wrecking ball. Tommy agrees, on the condition that Michael have nothing to do with the big benefit Tommy organizes. Michael sticks by the deal, but Freddie Cork steals the fundraiser proceeds and the theater is forced to close. Michael's sidekick Pete falls off the wagon; Michael helps get him back into AA. In the throes of a deep depression, Eileen confesses all her sins to a startled Mary Kate, who urges her to get psychiatric help. Meanwhile, Rose starts a new job in a big box outlet store and realizes the powerlessness of the contemporary American non-union worker. Corrupt union boss Marty Trio (TOM KEMP) confesses to Declan that he has cancer. Declan tries to turn him as a witness but Marty refuses.


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