Brotherhood Recap: Season 1, Episode 10

Neil Caffee, Tommy and Michael's father, turns up and threatens to sell Rose's house out from under her unless his sons help him out of a $200,000 financial jam. Tommy and Michael have only one goal: to get Neil out of their lives forever. This time, it's Tommy who loses his temper and turns to violence. Michael stays cool and gets the job done. Pete and Eileen have their own secret little AA meeting. Pete falls off the wagon after Michael orders him to kill a fourteen-year-old drug dealer - so now it's Eileen who comes to Pete's rescue. Rose finds herself ostracized by her friends because of Michael's growing criminal activities. For the first time, Rose admits to herself what Michael does for a living and confronts him about it. Tommy is furious when he discovers Mary Rose working at Michael's liquor store. Whatever goodwill was won by their joint effort to get rid of Neil is now gone.


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