Recap Days Of Our Lives: 12/02/2010

Sami, without revealing too much, tells her family what EJ has done, and how they can never see Johnny and Sydney again. Will, Roman, and Caroline are all outraged and Roman wants to take care of it, but Sami says there is nothing that can be done â€" EJ has won. Meanwhile, Rafe has hired a diver to look for the gun Sami threw in the river, but it's not there. Later, he goes to Sami and reveals it's gone. EJ calls them and tells the two of them nice try, but no cigar. Meanwhile, Lexie has dropped in on EJ with Theo and learns the kids are there. Lexie doesn't understand, and EJ carefully while not admitting anything lets Lexie guess it was Sami who shot him. She is horrified by this and EJ asks Lexie not to judge him. Later, she runs into Sami and Rafe. Sami tries to get Lexie to hear her side of the story, but Lexie wants nothing to do with her. Later, Lexie feels nothing good will come from this Sami and EJ war. At the same time, EJ is visited by Roman who puts the screws to EJ, vowing to find a way to neutralize him. EJ tells him if he tries, he will send Sami to prison. Rafe tells Sami to dial it down, but she's on edge and claims she destroys everything she touches!  Read More...


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