ANTM "The Final Five" Marjorie: Love or Hate?

It was inevitable that Marjorie would psych herself out for this challenge. I have to say though, her photos are normally in my top 3 and her Woody Allen-esque personality entertains me. It seems that most people are sick of her but all the girls are irritating to some degree. Mckey's sudden onset of Britishness was a little odd, wasn't it? Her photos have been mediocre, honestly, but she managed to book all 4 castings (before she daydreamed herself into forgetting time altogether). I know the leaning back thing is her "signature move" but does she always have to do it? Yawn. TheDopeBox TV Blog



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Nov 7, 2008 6:21PM EST

None of the designers mentioned that McKey looks 30 years old if she looks a day, her rather unfortunate haircut, her rather underwhelming portfolio, or her rather unpleasant personality. Is that because they were "European" and "Europeans" are attracted to a different, "European" style of looks, personality, haircut, portfolio, etc.? What?-Elina is the robotic European model, the one who chose to name herself "McKey" is the American one? Whatever; they both long overstayed their welcome.
I think even Tyra might have guessed Marjorie has a future in modeling good enough that the show would look bad if she was eliminated too early. Hard to see her winning, but she and Analeigh are the only true models in the bunch IMO. Personality/being a nice person should always matter, and Analeigh seems so nice, while editing alone could not manufacture the words that come out of McKey and Sam's mouths...

Nov 8, 2008 6:54AM EST

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed the sudden accent. McKey is ridiculous. I like she is gorgeous, but she just doesn't cut it for me.
Marjorie has been my favorite since day one, followed closely by Analeigh. I really dislike Sam, her body is too "sporty" for high fashion.
I agree though, I doubt Marjorie will win. I have my fingers crossed though.

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Nov 9, 2008 11:31AM EST

I honestly didn't notice the accent. Then again, I'm unobservant like that. Personally, I'm rooting for Analeigh, she seems to be the only sane one left in the bunch. Marjorie starts out as cute and endearing, but while I still sympathize with her, the constant whining is old. Really old. If she had kept it to herself, it wouldn't be so bad, but she persists on emoting all over the place. No wonder she rubbed some of the girls the wrong way. Mckey, despite her looks, is forgettable. I barely remember she's there half the time. Sam is a mixed bag for me. Sometimes she can be cute, and she does take good pictures, but she also can be mean and off-putting. It's times like these I really miss the contestants of old. Joanie, come back!

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Nov 9, 2008 5:11PM EST

I am personally a fan of Marjorie, maybe because I can identify her because I would probably be that nervous and shy in her position too. I also like Analeigh, she's pretty and seems genuinely nice, as does Marjorie.I agree that McKey is forgettable, I kind of liked her in the beginning, but I barely notice her anymore.Sam just seems stuck up and rude if you ask me, and I don't care how good some of her photo's can be, I've been wanting her to leave for a LONG time.Elina? I'm glad she's gone, she just seemed too... "I don't need to change anything" and rather irritating.

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Nov 10, 2008 10:54AM EST

-I really liked Elina and wanted her to win.. She has the most amazing face.. she should've tried harder to loosen up but she is the best,
-At first I liked Marjorie but now I really want her to go, she is such a nervous pain in the ass, and a whiny one!! so unaware of herself, there's a limit for how awkward, and fast talking a person can be, seriously..
don't like Sam, don't know why, she's just blaa, not too pretty.
I really hope Analeigh or McKey win. I just love Analeigh and I think she has a special beauty, plus she is so nice and cute.McKey is so so pretty, extraordinary face, but I hate short hair, I think almost everyone looks better with long hair.

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Nov 11, 2008 12:32PM EST

Marjorie's definitely got model-material inside, I think it is as Tyra says, she needs to get fierce photo Marjorie out into the real world. Frankly, I think Marjorie just needs to toughen up, she does it on set, so surely she could do it off as well.
Sam is annoying, I just find everything she says so narrow. I do think she is a bit too sporty too. She is going to go, definitely.
Mckey, I keep forgetting about her as well, but to be fair to her, she has put so much effort into the competition. She photographs really well. I don't really like her look, but she's definitely photogenic. Remember how like in the beginning she could only do boxing shots? it's like she's sort of snuck up into the final 5.
Analeigh... clearly a lovely girl, but is there any substance there? She looks more like a girl next door to me.
I really wish Elina could have dropped the attitude. If she had let go, she would have won, I'm sure of it. She's got the look of a supermodel, and she is confident. Its a shame she couldn't drop the arrogance.

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Nov 11, 2008 2:10PM EST

I think Tyra would have loved for Elina to win - such a dramatic makeover, and a good story arc if she could have learned to, well, yeah, humble up, and be more hungry to learn. Maybe she would have connected with the lessons more. She wasn't a naturally good model, so she would have needed loads of passion and energy to have a good shot at this. Her bad relationships with the others (especially Sheena) also hurt, making her more guarded when she was asked to be more spontaneous and vulnerable.
(To Swazzy:) Analeigh's had (IMO) great high fashion photos (high-flying one, the glam black & white one Tyra shot) where she didn't look like a beachy, All-American girl. Plus, all the Amsterdam designers wanted to book her. I think she's shown versatility, but I see where you're coming from with that girl-next-door image. She seems like a friendly valley girl babysitter. She said "Yo" during that first Cover Girl ad and sounded adorable and not quite couture. I'd say "look at her portfolio, make her your 2nd fave" but if you keep forgetting about McKey and hate Sam, she's probably already your second fave, if only by default. Yay! :)
It's nice to see Marjorie fans. I know some people are irritated by her nervousness, but it's not affected or like she can "just get over" what's likely an anxiety disorder. I think she was brave to come on the show though it must have scared her to do so, and she's done so well... I think she and Analeigh both have loads of potential.
Duchessa, I loved Joanie too! Wonderful model, and a sweet, funny person! Joanie and Elyse (-so- witty) are my all-time favorites.

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Nov 12, 2008 7:49PM EST

Frankly, I love Marjorie. I think she is the most naturally talented model there. So what if she's nervous a lot? Everyone has there issues to deal with and that happens to be her's, thankfully though it's something she can get over in time. Whearas Samantha (who soooo annoyes me) is way to commercial looking and kinda bitchy.
Analeigh is also very good because she's improved the most, if the compotition was based on that she'd win hands down.SO these are my thoughts.: )

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