'Pretty Little Liars' EP addresses finale theories: Did Toby save Spencer?


It's been over 72 hours since we've watched the "Pretty Little Liars" season finale and our jaws are still on the floor. We got a few answers -- yes, Ian is definitely a creep -- but we also got new questions and mysteries piled right on top of them.We had more than a few questions (and theories) prepared to accost   "PLL" executive producer I. Marlene King with when we chatted with her post-finale. And guess what? She was more than happy to answer some of our burning finale and Season 2 questions. Our most important question: Is Jenna really blind?! We had to know, people.   OK, We have to start with the main question on everyone's mind: Is Ian really dead?You'll have to watch the summer premiere. You will find out in the summer premiere if Ian is dead or alive. So will Ryan  Merriman -- in flashbacks or otherwise -- be in Season...



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