American Idol Recap: Who Made Jennifer Lopez Beg?

Things were getting downright freaky at the judges' table tonight on American Idol.

While it was a mostly positive evening for the Top 11, who seemed to get a kick out of the show's salute to Motown, one contestant in particular had Jennifer Lopez quaking in her stilettos and Steven Tyler talking in vivid metaphors.

Well, more vivid than usual, anyway...

"You took your time, like a true professional, dude!" Randy Jackson praised Jacob Lusk, who finally toned down the theatrics enough on "All I Need to Get By" to remind us why the judges think he's the best darn thing to hit the Idol stage since...sliced bread?

But in raving about Jacob's timing, Randy may have started something.

"You held it back, you milked it, and at the very end," Steven continued, "it just was beautiful. You did it, man."

Then J.Lo chimed in. "You made us beg!" she exclaimed. "You made us beg for those notes! We were like, 'Give it to us, Jacob! Give it to us, Jacob!' You know what it is? You move me. You move us...You just took your time with it and you made us beg! Crazy!" Read More....


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