'Jersey Shore' Season 3, Episode 13 (Season Finale) Recap

All good things must come to an end, but what happens with horrible things? They seem to live on forever with no end in sight, and when they do end, they leave a scar on your soul so deep you feel like your girlfriend broke up with you because you were adopted ... and you didn't even know you were adopted.

The same is true for 'Jersey Shore.' Sure, Season 3 is "over," but if you think you've heard the last of Snooki and the rest of the family, you're sorely mistaken. They'll be in Italy next season, wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting and undeserving Italians, calling it "the homeland" or "the old country" way too much. In the interim, they'll be popping up at random clubs and state fairs to sign autographs. If you're lucky, maybe The Situation will come to your town and you'll get your picture taken with him at the food court in the mall. Read More...



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