COMMUNITY Recap: ‘Critical Film Studies’

As pop-culture junkies, sometime life throws us some rather unique curveballs. For instance, the issue of how to have a "normal" conversation with absolutely no references thrown in, no quotes from last week’s 30 ROCK and no allusions to some character who influenced you as a child.

Week to week, COMMUNITY is a show that plays on that love of popular culture, lets us play around in it for a half-hour without us having to feel guilty about the fact that it takes up so much of our lives; its script—and its characters, for that matter—are so built around what already makes up the pop cultural landscape that it’s often hard to tell where the references stop and the show begins.

It may be strange for me to admit this, but Abed’s always been an incredibly relatable character for me. I’ve never been accused of having Asperger’s Syndrome, but a character who relates so much to film and television that it seeps into every aspect of his life, every friendship he makes, every little character tick? My own pop culture addiction has taken me pretty darn close to that. Read More...


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