GREY’S ANATOMY Recap: ‘This Is How We Do It’

Okay, let’s be honest – this week’s episode of GREY’S ANATOMY could have been the best of the entire series and it wouldn’t matter, because really we’re all waiting for next week’s inevitably awesome musical episode. Still, there was some good stuff this week that we shouldn’t ignore, including a fantastic performance by Loretta Devine, alongside some juicy plotlines for many of our favorite surgeons.

For example, Lexie and Jackson are still going strong, and by going strong I mean dropping everything to get it on whenever they see each other no matter how inappropriate the location. Poor April keeps walking in on them, much to her annoyance since she still doesn’t have a sex life.  She’s been on a few dates with Dr. Stark at this point, somehow managing to bring out his softer side even though he’s still a giant ass to everyone else. Things are going well until he invites her over to his place to watch a movie. If it were anyone besides Stark, this would be pretty standard code for "the sex date", but in Stark’s case I can’t tell. Anyway all of the other residents are pretty certain that’s what it means, and their teasing causes April to freak out and cancel the date. Stark walks away sadly, and I almost feel bad for him before I remember that he’s been completely evil up until this point. No sympathy for you, Starky. Read More...


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