Community 2.19 "Critical Film Studies" Review

When I knew that "Critical Film Studies" was reportedly going to include a lot of Pulp Fiction references I was a bit worried that my general ambivalence (and thus lack of real knowledge) towards that film would mean I wouldn’t enjoy this episode as much as I could have. I wasn’t necessarily concerned about not understanding the narrative, but perhaps I’d miss a few moments that would really make it. Or something. Of course, those fears were really, really stupid. First of all, I should have known that Community always figures out a way to hit my sweet spot and no matter my knowledge, I’d enjoy the episode. Secondly, it wouldn’t matter if Pulp Fiction was my most favorite movie of all-time because "Critical Film Studies" isn’t actually a parody or riff on that film at all. Instead, somehow this episode figures out how to produce perhaps it’s most overt and complete parody of one text even though that text is a moderately known film from 1981 that I’d imagine at least 79 percent of the series’ audience has never, ever seen. And you know what? It might just be the best episode of the season. Read More...


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