Modern Family 2.18 "Boys' Night" Review

After a few weeks off, Modern Family returned with quite a funny episode filled with bits and storylines right up my alley.  There was a large Luke plot (and anyone who has read these reviews knows full well my love for Luke stories), Nathan Lane returning as Pepper (the first Broadway show I ever saw was the revival of Guys and Dolls starring Nathan Lane), and even a bit of Dylan thrown in too.  The inclusion of these elements was certainly enough for me to love the episode, but "Boys' Night" also did something completely unique for the series: it had a genuine serious moment.  Not just a sentimental or reflective moment, but a "wow, that just stopped me dead at how serious it was" moment.

Of course, I am talking about the scene where Mr. Klezak shows up to bring the Dunphys onions and states that he used to be a firefighter and would never hurt a child.  I kept waiting for the punch line, but there never was one.  There was just a clear statement that not every un-neighborly old man i some kind of predator waiting to lure children into his lair.  Men like Mr. Klezak are still people who should be respected and attended to; not ignored because of perceived crotchetiness.  I honestly can't remember another time in the series where such a serious note was sounded.  Even in the most recent episode, where Jay and Gloria spoke about death, it was done humorously and then with great sentimentality when Jay said he just wanted to be next to Gloria in the end.  This situation was a whole other ball of wax, and something that while wholly surprising, was actually quite welcome. Read More...


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