Survivor: Redemption Island 22.06 "Their Red-Headed Stepchild" Recap

The episode begins on Night 13 at Redemption Island.  Krista wakes up Matt.  She confesses that she is excited to meet him because he has such a positive attitude.  They both think that God put them there on RI.  Though they share a common faith, Krista is going to give Matt a run for his money.  For his part, Matt realizes she's a firecracker and means business.

The next morning at Zapatera, Steve finds it surprising that he received votes at the last Tribal Council.  Stephanie tells him that the vote was nothing personal, but she just doesn't think he's a strong competitor.  She confides to the camera that it is going to be hard to suck it up and be nice to these assholes, but she has to do it to stay alive.  Steve confesses though he thought he was giving it his all, he's going to have to dig deeper.  He tells Stephanie that it was another bad move she made voting for him.  Steve continues in his confessional, saying that Stephanie is tying a rope around her neck.  If they go back to Tribal Council, she's out. Read More...


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