The Real Housewives of Miami 1.05 "Beach Slap" Review

Whoa, what the hell just happened? Has the Real Housewives of Miami become miraculously relevant?

Bear with me here, folks, I haven't completely lost my rocker. After last week's drowse-inducing episode, the Miami Housewives returned to their tried and true formula of saving all the drama till the last 15 minutes of the episode last night. While this week's spat wasn't necessarily fodder for the watercooler, it still got a reaction out of me due to Cristy finally being put on the spot about 'crashing' Lea's charity gala.

Lea wasn't the one who came at Cristy about the little firecracker's faux pas. Instead, it was Adriana who inadvertently brought up the touchy subject, who was immediately pounced on by Cristy and Larsa for being such a dumbass for doing so. Lea looked as if she didn't want to talk about the situation as well, but she couldn't ignore the rumors and gossip that involved Cristy badmouthing her all over town. It also didn't help when Cristy blatantly lied that she only brought her plus one and no one else. Read More...


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