'Justified' 2.07 'Save My Love' Recap And Review

In last week's Justified, Raylan apparently kept Winona out of a world of hurt after she swiped money from an evidence locker. I say "apparently" because this week, we find out that things can always get worse. The end result is a fair episode that won't stick long in my memory.

Winona wakes up with a start when she realizes that Raylan didn't recover the right hundred-dollar bill after all. "It was never here," she tells him. "The one I had, had a corner torn off." He points out that she didn't mention it before that moment, making all the work he did the previous episode a huge waste of time. Cue groaning. Raylan has no idea what to do now, but he's got to find some way to fix the situation. Her remorse is the only reason he's not beating her over the head with the phone book. (He might not do it, but I will.) When she asks if he's angry, he replies, "What do you think?" Well-deserved burn. Read More...



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