'American Idol' recap: Shock and Awwww

Big surprise on last night's American Idol: ALL of the Top 11 will go on the summer tour, and two singers will be eliminated next week. The judges used their only save of the season on Casey Abrams, who sang "I Don’t Need No Doctor" FOR HIS LIFE for just a few seconds until Randy stopped him mid-tune with a breezy wave. "Stop the music!" he cried, for Casey's destiny had been predetermined. "This is crazy wrong," said Steven Tyler. "We’ve made the decision here to keep you on."

Casey really did need a doctor, it turned out! (At least one on hand, waiting in the wings, maybe taking Marc Anthony's blood pressure or something.) Casey looked like he was about to faint dozens of times, with his shaky hands and crazy eyes. "Are you kidding?" he demanded of the three Fates behind the table. "It's Top 11 — why would you do this to me? I can't believe it!" He stumbled back up on stage, nearly taking down Seacrest in the process. Ryan was in no way prepared to handle Casey's bulk, but Casey barreled in for the score anyway — it just seemed like the most comforting place to go. "Agggggggggggh!" he cried. A few seconds later he wised up and ran over to crush his parents instead. "I love you so much," we kept hearing. Parents! How great are they? Read More...



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