'The Office' recap: The Proposal

Warning: I'm going to do my best to get through this recap without using too many exclamation points, but I may be fighting an uphill battle. That's because the last third of tonight's episode of The Office made me want to jump up and down and squeal like a little girl. Sure, the half hour as a whole wasn't perfect — the bit about the magic beans was a total nonstarter, and the Dallas board game plot finished strong but took awhile to heat up — but that hardly matters, because: The proposal. The proposal!!! Oops… so much for using restrained punctuation!

Let's rewind. "Garage Sale" is set, fittingly, in the warehouse, where Dunder Mifflin's finest have gathered to pawn their junk. Everyone's tables reflect their personalities: Kelly's trying to sell a rack full of bright clothes and the collected works of Helen Fielding and Jennifer Weiner. Ryan, in another attempt to launch a new business, has bottled Mrs. Howard’s pesto and salsa and adorned the jars with pictures of motherly Phyllis and Mexican Oscar, respectively; the sombrero Photoshopped onto Oscar's — sorry, Señor Chico's head — was a nice touch. Andy's got a Cornell pennant (wait, he wants to get rid of that? Probably because he has four more just like it.) and a model of a sailboat. We didn't get a good look at Creed's table, but I'll bet it was covered in mung bean sprouts and bound volumes of his blog. Read More...



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