'Jersey Shore' recap: The Missing Piece

If there is a real story within Jersey Shore's third season -- if there is more to the show than just smushing and smashing and bashing and crashing -- then you can sum it up with the immortal words of Neil Sedaka: "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do." Ronnie and Sammi arrived at theShore house this season united in their mutual hatred for everyone and everything around them. They spent the first few nights sitting alone in their tower, listening to the gang play drinking games outside the window. Sammi stared into the mirror and brushed her hair. Ronnie stared up at the ceiling and drank some Xenadrine cocktails. They insulted their housemates, fought their housemates. They skipped Sunday dinner, and when Situation asked them why they were ignoring the family, they denied the family's very existence, which is kind of like a morally depraved child using Confession as an opportunity to tell a kindly old priest that there is no God. Read More...



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