Bobby Flay Talks 'Male Hooters' and Other Crazy Restaurant Ideas (VIDEO)

On 'America's Next Great Restaurant,' part of Bobby Flay's job is to judge contestant concepts for new restaurants. Flay was on 'Rachael Ray' (weekdays, syndicated) today to talk about some of the best, worst, and craziest ideas he came across on the show.
"One guy wanted to open a gun shop and cafe," he told Ray. "Which, honestly, I just couldn't see rolling out a thousand of those." Another guy, he said, wanted to do a male version of Hooters, which was well-received by the audience but a concept Flay couldn't bear to see. "I didn't want to see the audition process for the employees," he said. "I do have an ego."
He did not mention what the name for that restaurant would be, so we'll leave it to you to fill in the appropriate food/sex double entendre.


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