Grey's Anatomy 7.17 "This is How We Do It" Review

I’d like to start this review off by saying this episode started with an Adele song (the fabulous "Rumor Has It" off her new album 21) and a shirtless Avery (Jesse Williams) so it was a win in my book in mere minutes. Coupled with title of this episode, "This is How We Do It" which was one of most awesome songs from the 90s by Montell Jordan and that made it even better.

But those were not the only good things in this episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Last night, we learned that Mark knows what onesie decorating is, Arizona hates baby showers, Callie loves them, Adele has a confirmed diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s, Lexie and Avery like to do it everywhere, Owen gets to pick the chief resident, and April is feeling a bit lonely and may actually like Stark. Also, Karev is living in a trailer in the hospital parking lot for an edge on the chief resident race where by the end of the episode, Lucy kisses him. Read More...


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