Gossip Girl: In the Realm of the Basses - Uncle Jack Bass, J & P Clash, and Chuck Smokes Hash

********Episode Spoilers**********

I knew we would see Chuck knee-deep in some kind of wanton depravity. And I wondered how the writers would up the ante from his past indiscretions. Having him splayed out in a Thai opium den with a sexually ambiguous prostitute? Success!

It seems Serena spent her vacation in Buenos Aires dancing in a nondescript cafe with creepy old guys circling around. Most of us would find this uncomfortable, but S seemed utterly delighted by all the leering. When she returns to the Upper East Side, she brings news of Rufus and Lily being broken up "forever." She also ditched Aaron 3 hours into the flight. So rejoice! A. Rose has been removed, if somewhat sloppily, from the picture. Dan and Serena look into each other's eyes, concur that they feel the same, and then he hooks her in for a kiss.

I suppose it was unavoidable ...continue reading


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