'Top Chef All-Stars' Recap: Last Meals

No one has won yet, right? We are close though -- only three cheftestants remain standing in the Top Chef kitchens. One of them gets eliminated tonight, so which will it be? Either Mike, Antonia or Richard has to go. 

And we begin with stormy seas and a tense kitchen. In the kitchen, we have Wolfgang Puck to bring the tension to the Quickfire Challenge. For this challenge, the cheftestants get to challenge each other to a Quickfire from past seasons. Mike assigns Antonia the canned goods. Antonia in turn assigns hot dogs to Richard. And Richard gives Mike the one-pot challenge.

And they're off! The crazy cooking gets off to a good start. But then Padma walks back in to offer twists to the cheftestants. They get to assign each other again. Richard assigns no utensils to Mike. Antonia chooses the one-hand challenge to Richard. Which leaves Antonia to cook tag-team style with a suddenly-returned Carla. Read More...



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