'Archer' 2.09 'Placebo Effect' Review

So, Sterling Archer has cancer. Like everything else, he does not take this well. And as usual, most of the humor in this week's Archer comes from his larger-than-necessary reactions.

Upon discovering that his expensive cancer medications are utterly useless, Archer recruits Lana and sets off on a self-described "rampage" to find out who's behind the deed. Carrying a half-dozen guns, some grenades, and a knife might be overkill for Archer on a normal day. Doing it while hooked up to an IV and smoking a large quantity of medical marijuana pretty much guarantees disaster. "Placebo Effect" does a good job of magnifying just how ridiculous Archer can be by mixing his usual antics (for example, not being able to tell a smoke grenade apart from a regular one) with his rapid deterioration (not being able to get his IV stand out of Lana's car). It goes to show that there is really almost nothing that will make him behave like a normal, sane human being. Read More...



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