'American Idol' Recap: Casey Gets Saved + Power Rankings

I knew it was coming, but it still twisted my stomach when it did.

Last night, I thought my ‘Idol’ nightmare was over. I thought we were rid of the overrated self-indulgence factory that is Casey Abrams. I thought I wouldn’t have to see why having a beard makes you an artist, why being herky-jerky gives you credibility and why not picking pop songs gives you a sense of musical depth that would make James Murphy jealous. I thought I wouldn’t have to write a single word about that any longer, but I couldn’t help but think that as he sat in the bottom three that the judges would save him no matter.

Sure enough, they did, and I have to put up with this nonsense for a few more weeks.

Now this may sound like I hate Casey, but that’s not true at all. I’ve never met Casey, he seems like an affable fellow, I’m sure we’d get along and I’d probably like him. What I can’t take is people being overrated. I just cannot stand such an egregious misperception of a person’s ability or an item’s quality. It’s why I cannot stand how Derek Jeter is perceived (no range, no power, hits for average, that’s about it), or the reception of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ (solid comedy, a B or B-, no reason it should have won all those awards and been nominated for Best Picture) and it’s why I took to writing ‘Overrated/Underrated’ columns for this site for the better part of a year (and why it may now be time to bring them out of retirement). The overrating of anything immediately makes me think less of it, and colors my perception a decided shade of "meh". Read More...



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