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Recap: 'Fringe' - 'Bloodline'

Recap: 'Fringe' - 'Bloodline'

Reading the buzz on Twitter this week, I kept seeing the phrase “game-changer” being tossed about like so many numbers in Alterna-Astrid’s head. I’m always leery of that phrase, since it’s used so often that it’s essentially devoid of meaning at this point. It’s the critical equivalent of the Red Queen repeatedly screaming “Off with their heads!” in “Alice in Wonderland”: after a while, it’s simply sound and fury signifying nothing. An episode like “Through the Looking Glass” in “Lost” managed to be the best of both worlds: a Lewis Carroll-inspired episode that managed to TRULY be a game changer. But most of the time, the hype surrounding a game-changing episode is simply that: hype.

Now, “Bloodline” is an excellent episode of “Fringe,” don’t get me wrong. It’s just not a game-changer. It’s a table-setter. It’s a remarkably efficient and entertaining table-setter, but it’s an episode in which the long-abandoned Over There/Earth-2 got some plot momentum to match the actions over here. There are many that seem to be over Over There, feeling that it served its purpose in the early part of this season and need not take up so much valuable screen time as the show hurtles towards what is finally, officially, a SEASON finale and not a SERIES finale. But time spent Over There really is as valuable as any time spent in more familiar territory in our particular parking spot in the multiverse. Read More...

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