Fringe 3.18 "Bloodline" Review

I always enjoy the episodes which take place Over There, and tonight's episode "Bloodline" was no exception. The world-building never ceases to fascinate me, the Alternates are wonderfully intriguing, and trying to predict how the stories will affect Our Side is, well, rather fun. It was also quite the relief to be able to enjoy the show without the spectre of cancellation hanging over our heads: in case you haven’t heard, Fringe has indeed been officially renewed for a fourth season.

For a long time I was in the minority in that I actually liked AltLivia. My guess is that the impetus behind the hatred that developed was a combination of the mission she was carrying out against Our Side, as well as the fact that she was in a relationship with an unsuspecting Peter. I think people have been starting to come around since AltLivia was back on her own Side, but I sincerely hope that tonight’s episode changed some minds. Actually, I’m not sure how you could watch "Bloodline" and still dislike AltLivia. Anna Torv, as per the usual, delivered a phenomenal performance. As someone who watches a fair bit of television, I've seen a lot of shows do scenes with characters in labour. This is the first time I actually really felt anything for the character in question: AltLivia's pain was almost palpable, and many of the scenes had me cringing. Not to mention Olivia's tangible fear for her own life, even while being determined to save that of her child. Read More...


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