'The Amazing Race' recap: The Worst Tea Party Ever

Justin and Zev started off in last place on the latest episode of Amazing Race. Team Zinger knew they needed to regain some momentum after a rough double-leg in China. "We need a pick-me-up," said Justin, "and I think the silver pajamas are just that." So there was Zev, modeling some glittery PJs that gave him the aspect of a future-spaceman version of Hugh Hefner. He looked incredible, and now I know what I want for Christmas.

The teams were surprised when the first clue didn't tell them to hit the airport -- instead, they had to head to the Jin Fu Yi Zhan Tea Shop, where they would participate in the thrilling first competition of the night: A game called "Drink the Tea!" (What do you win? More tea!) Grandmaster Phil teased us with a secret twist -- the particular brand of papaya-mango-infused tea that teams were drinking would play a role in the evening's upcoming Roadblock -- but I still couldn't stifle a giggle during the lengthy, anti-adrenalized sequence of players smiling and sipping tea. ("That was pointless," deadpanned Zev.) Read More...



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