THE SIMPSONS “Love Is A Many Strangled Thing” Review

THE SIMPSONS "Love Is A Many Strangled Thing" Season 22 Episode 17 – Homer is finally facing the consequences for his years of corporal punishment. After mortifying Bart at the Springfield Atoms Stadium, causing him to wet his pants on the giant screen, Homer voluntarily decides to attendparenting classes as a form of contrition. Here he meets a therapist, Dr Zander (voiced by Paul Rudd) who, horrified that Homer would lay a hand on his boy, enlists the aid of one Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to rid Homer of his throat choking fatherly ways.

This season has been pretty hit and miss in terms of quality, but "Love Is A Many Strangled Thing" was definitely a hit. Between the solid (if unoriginal) storyline, the opening segues (this one involving Mr Burns and a hot air balloon, a classic Lenny line: "Huh, I wonder if that’s the same elk?" and top quality writing, this was a wonderful instalment (and finally washes out that bad taste that the Glee episodeleft). Read More...


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