Grey's Anatomy: All By Myself

Episode Specific Spoilers

All the second year residents are waiting to see who gets the first solo surgery. Interns are spying on the attendings' powwow to see if they can read lips and catch a name. The only person not in contention, because the chief deemed her most responsible for the Intern Basement Cutters Society, is Christina. Bailey, swagger in full swing, talks about how she was chosen in her time. By unanimous vote, Christina is the selected one and she's forced to hand over the win to her most deserving peer. Everyone assumes she'll pick Meredith since they're BFFs but people still campaign for themselves. Karev, unable to kiss ass, simply does a rundown of how the surgery, a leg amputation, will go.

In addition to choosing someone other than herself to do the surgery she desperately wants, Yang is given the job of wooing Dr. Dixon. The chief is set on having the socially awkward, Asperger's-afflicted surgeon become the new head of cardio at Seattle Grace. A position with a revolving exit door, something like being a Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts... continue reading


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