BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN ” The Creature From Beyond” Review

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN "The Creature From Beyond" Season 2, Episode 7 – A lot of the more recent episodes of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien have felt like they were stand alone episodes, but tonight’sepisode seemed like we were getting a little taste of a much bigger and more complex plot to come.

A new faction of the Forever Knights are introduced and in their hunt for alien technology they unleash a dangerous creature from behind a mysterious seal. This group headed by Sir Cyrus, claims superiority over the other Forever Knight factions because of it’s loyalty to the ideas and methods of "The First Knight." Even if he does think poorly of the other Forever Knight groups, Sir Cyrus doesn’t strike me as any different. He’s impulsive, quick to jump to irrational conclusions, underhanded and he seems to have a bad attitude towards both alien abilities and magic. He uses the phrase "alien scum" and refers to Gwen as a sorceress, but says it with such disdain that it’s obviously intended as an insult. In short, Sir Cyrus is a jerk. Winston, his squire, seems too nice to be in his service, so I’m curious to find out how he came to have a loyalty to Sir Cyrus. Read More...


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