PRIVATE PRACTICE “A Step Too Far” Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE "A Step Too Far" Season 4 Episode 17 – You know, as I was watching this episode, I started writing out this whole thing about Coop. It was all about how I love Coop but I think sometimes he plays things a little too safe and why that was probably a good thing for a pediatrician, but maybe not all the time. I was on Sam’s side and thought that the teenager should go ahead and wrestle because, like Sam said, you gotta let kids go out into the world and take risks.

Well all of that changed the moment that boy went down after his meet. Then I realized that Coop was right to be cautious and the difference between what he and Sam said was that Sam had been using the unknown as a defense (getting hit by a bus, etc). Sure it’s true that those things can happen but when you know that there’s an actual danger, one that shows up on tests, maybe that’s when you don’t take the risk. Read More...


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