LAW & ORDER: SVU “Bombshell” Review

LAW & ORDER: SVU "Bombshell" Season 12 Episode 19 – Any show that starts out with a man staggering around with a knife in his groin gives me a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling inside, and makes me hopeful for fun events to come. I was in a good mood when it started; very promising episode. They even got a Dawn of the Dead reference in (double promising) as well as a Netflix mention (promising for their pocket books, though not entirely surprising, as Netflix would advertise on the back of a corpse if they could).

We-e-e-ell it all went downhill from there. Another bad episode. Another bad script. At least they seemed to find a solution for the fact that Benson (a bored-looking Mariska Hargitay) and Stabler (eyebrow-always-raised Chris Meloni) don’t really seem to want to act any more: hire guest stars that are even worse than the series regulars. Read More...


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