JUSTIFIED “Save My Love” Review

JUSTIFIED "Save My Love" Season 2 Episode 7 – Last week Raylan went out of his way to help Winona get back the $100 bill that she took from evidence. She thanked him profusely and we all thought that was it until she wakes up the next morning and realizes the bill she took wasn’t in with the ones he managed to sneak out of the building. Oh and she also admits that she didn’t just take the one bill, she took the whole lot.

After that, Murphy’s Law goes into full effect and everything that could possibly go wrong does, as more and more people discover that the bill is missing and every time the two of them try to put the money back where it belongs, something gets in their way. Hell, there was even a bomb threat to makes things extra interesting. In the end they get the bag back, but not before being spotted by Mullen so I’m thinking we haven’t heard the last of that money. Read More...



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