THE MIDDLE “Spring Cleaning” Review

THE MIDDLE "Spring Cleaning" Season 2 Episode 18 - The Hecks go "full Oprah" as they empty their home of clutter in the "Spring Cleaning episode of Hoarders THE MIDDLE.

I think I would have assumed the Hecks had been robbed, too. I love this whole messy episode. It captures the "joy" of cleaning and how the projects always balloon to ridiculous heights. "The diningroom table is a clean zone. It’s been inoculated." Frankie speaks truth there and I love the jabs at the Oprahness of our lives.

Oh, my: a pro/con list about marrying Frankie. "Uh-oh." You think? While I appreciate that Mike put a lot of thought into such a big decision, how on earth did he not know to burn the evidence? I mean; come on! Love the con list, though. "Chatty. ‘That’s from back when I thought I had to listen to everything you said.’" Of course Frankie would make her own list. "Are you saying I married up?" There is no good way to answer that question. Read More...


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