Top Chef - Foo Fighters - Mmm, Bacon

*Episode Specific Spoilers*

For this week's Quickfire Challenge, the chefs all draw knives with mystery numbers on them. Each number stands for a page in a Top Chef book of past contestants' recipes. They're told they have to do their own spin on the recipe they picked. Sound too easy? Not when they're given the twist: Keep the current ingredients but add Swanson broth and make a soup. This is a breeze for Jamie, who seriously hearts making soup and is apparently pretty good at it. Carla, always spurting words of hippy wisdom, says her magical ingredient is love. Is that available in the condiments aisle? The orb-haired cook also declares that you can judge a chef by their soup. Not good news for Fabio (whose name makes me snicker involuntarily), since his creation was a flop. Leah pulls out the win, even though Daniel somehow made ham and egg soup successfully, and gets to choose her team for the Elimination Challenge. ...more Top Chef


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