Being Human Review: Things Will Never Be The Same

I couldn't believe what Sally went through with Danny and the exorcist, and the previews seem to show she comes out of her experience a lot worse for the wear.

It was fantastic when Sally inhabited the exorcist's body long enough to talk to Danny and for the exorcist to know he what he did to Sally. I was happy to finally hear a human say Danny deserves what he gets. I wonder if we will see what that is.

Elsewhere, the elders were a nasty bunch of old curmudgeons. They seemingly refused to change and adapt to the new world.

I would have encouraged them to quickly go back to their cocoons. They were whiny, uppity and downright annoying. Why haven't the modern vampires figured out a way to dispose of them by now?
Marcus was such an idiot, a brown nosing jerk who really thought by spilling his guts to the Dutch that they would kill Bishop and put him in charge. For a split second, I almost felt sorry for the dolt. Read More...


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