Top Chef: Focus Group - Judges with Accents, Camera Espionage

********Episode Spoilers*********

Eugene has a problem with reality. Convinced that his food is genius, he complains at great length about how the judges just don't understand him. Honestly, though, has he cooked one thing that anyone could stomach? He's long been benefiting from the slightly worse failure of others.

This week, for the "Dr. Pepper" (shameless corporate plug!) Quickfire Challenge ...continue reading



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Jan 8, 2009 3:54PM EST

I agreed with the eliminations. Both of them have been sliding by on multiple occasions, so it was only a matter of time...Who thinks Jeff is kinda a dark horse option to make it to the end? I thought he would get cut in a few of the earlier episodes, but he seems to be getting stronger and stronger (ignoring that fact that Colicchio hated his dish); he really has a forte for sorbet, it seems. Also, it has occurred to me that while Fabio was set up as an earlier favorite, the dude has really been underperforming. When's the last time he's made something truly good?And you are right that the Dr. Pepper plug was more shameless than usual. Some of them just had it sitting in a little shot glass next to their dessert for no good reason...because who doesn't drink Dr. Pepper with their dessert?

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Jan 9, 2009 3:23AM EST

The plugs have always been that bad. The Sidekick plugs are the worst, like every episodes starts with a close-up of someone talking into the same Sidekick phone.I think Fabio is just being cocky. He got complacent and his lamb came out rare. I think Jeff has always been a strong candidate, it's just that whenever he has been top 3 his dishes have been complex and are overshadowed by whatever simple slop Ariane dished out.The British judge has got to lay off the lame Hollywood/food metaphors.
Eugene needed to go like two episodes ago.

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